Day 8 - Getting into the Party Spirit

Friday 4th July 2014

There will be no riding today, it's time to get into the spirit of the festival. Holding the event on American Independence Day is surely no coincidence. Most of the vehicles, fashions and music is American in nature.

Bubble car spotted on our walk into town
So we head into town on foot and find breakfast in a central bakery-cafe where we can watch the oldies arriving.

We wander around soaking up the growing atmosphere then head to the pool for more swimming. It's very hot.
The campsite is filling up rapidly and by the end of the day when we return to our tents we are surrounded by classic cars, Wohnmobiles and tents.

Old Fiat roadster

Berni's barn is buzzing tonight. The rows of benches in front of the huge screen are full of diehard fans but there are loads of people milling around in the yard sinking vast amounts of good German beer.

The game itself is quite dull. The Germans grab an early goal and hold onto the lead throughout. The French are very poor, only Benzema stands out. This doesn't bother our new best friends who are lapping it up along with the beer.

We get a call from Charly. He has arrived at his hotel and we will meet up at 8.30 in the morning.

Old camper converted into a bar
Bussing delivery lorry - new one on me

Campsite is filling up

At the football bar

Berni and his wife in full regalia
Back at the camping field the place is filling up rapidly. Since this is Germany the lines of tents and vehicles are extremely neat and orderly.


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