Day 3 - Football at the High Chapparal

Sunday 29th June 2014

We are up and about surprisingly early for a morning after a party, no doubt the hangover will kick in later. So we shuffle back to the farmyard where our amazing hosts provide coffee and croissants. Before long the rain starts to come down again, no respite all morning.

So more banter with the coffee. Maybe it will clear in a while.
No such luck, so eventually in the early afternoon we depart for, in Mick's words, " the worst day on a bike ever".

Camp site at the High Chapparal

By the time we arrive at the High Chapparal in Luxembourg everything is soggy except our feet - thank you Altberg, your boots are amazing. The spray on the highway had to be seen to be believed. At times we are aquaplaning. But enough of this.

We arrive at the camping ground around 8pm. The sky clears and the sun appears just in time to get the tents up and the gear drying.

The High Chapparal is a great biker bar on the River Sure close to the picturesque town of Esch-sur-Sure in Luxembourg.

Watching the football in the bar

It is run by Ed, a dutchman, and tonight they are showing a football world cup game, Holland v Mexico, live on a huge screen in the bar. The place is full and rocking. Mexico go a goal up early in the 2nd half. Holland equalise with 2 minutes of the game remaining then win it with a penalty when Robben cons the ref with a dive 3 minutes into time added on.

Jubilant Dutch, vuvuzelas, glasses raised. Hell of an atmosphere whether you like footy or not.

After the game we stoke up on rack of ribs and the ubiquitous frites. And so to bed by the babbling river.

Chill out out day tomorrow. Recharge, replenish and rock on.


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