Day 7 - Fladungen, Football and Festival

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Another hot day is in prospect. The early morning mist smokes off the lake and the sun burns it's way through as we pack our gear onto the bikes. We are heading to Fladungen which is hosting an 'Old Timers' festival this weekend. 'Old Timer' celebrations are a big thing in Germany where nostalgia for all things post-war is huge. It encompasses the music, clothes and artefacts of a recently bygone age, especially renovated forms of transport from the 1950s and 1960s. A Germanic take on the American Dream.

 It's only a lick and a spit to Fladungen so we are there before midday. We decided to come a day early as we thought the camp site may well be full, and so it proves.

The nice lady says they are fully booked as we look over an entirely empty field. However after we explain that we have come all the way from Northern England to experience the unique atmosphere of the Fladungen Classics she relents and we're in.

Camp site before the rush

With the bikes parked and the tents up we stroll the 300 metres to the town walls. Central Fladungen is an ancient walled town with various road and pedestrian gates allowing ingress. Stalls are being set up all over the town. There is a big wheel/carousel in place and an air of quiet activity. Something is going to happen but not just yet. Round each corner there's a classic car or old bike parked up in haphazard fashion, early arrivals like us.

Pretty walled town

Old waterwheel nside the walls

We find the Gasthof in the town centre and stop for lunch and draught Hefeweißen (wheat beer - German real ale). Every few minutes a vintage car, tractor or bike trundles by. Our mission is to check out a venue for tomorrow's big World Cup clash, France v Germany.

Old Hercules moped outside the pub

Venue of choice is Berni's place where he has set up a big screen projector in the barn. Bernie is a interesting guy. He proudly displays his 1960 camper van made in the DDR. It has a 3 cylinder 2-stroke engine and is camo painted.

Mick with Bernie and his old campervan

Next we have a tour of his guest house which has not one but two Wurlitzers stocked with a collection of 50's and 60's singles. We select Spencer Davis' Keep On Running. 
The bar has a selection of more than 50 single malt whiskies and is stuffed with odd ornaments and paraphernalia.

Wurlitzers and whisky in Bernie's man-cave

Fladungen's outdoor pool

The camping field is next to the town swimming pool. After lunch in the town and with the temperature climbing into the mid 30's it's a no-brainer. The water is cold but quite wonderful.  


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