Day 1 - On The Way

Friday 27th June 2014

The two riders saddled up and rode south at a gentle pace down through Westeros towards Kings Landing. The next day they would embark for the short crossing over the Narrow Seas to Bravos. Winter is coming, thought Dave.....

Oops, wrong story.....

Setting off

So of course it rained on the first day. After two weeks of sunshine we got 20 miles down the A1 south when the heavens opened. After an hour of howling wind and lashing rain we took refuge in a Little Chef for coffee and sympathy where we met three bikers from Ipswich on their way home from a tour of the Scottish Highlands who had the same idea.

Shelter from the storm

Back underway in drying weather for the run down to Crofton Park in South London to the home of my son Jake and partner Val. Stage 1 complete.

We enjoy an excellent night in the local Beer Emporium for burgers and real ale, where we are entertained by Peter, a giant Seth Efrican chef, three sheets to the wind but full of amusing stories. 

Father and son

And so to bed. Tomorrow the Channel Tunnel, Buell friends and the Lauwe Party.


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