Day 58 - Just Hanging Around

Friday 22nd August 2014

We ride into Esch for breakfast then spend a pleasant day riding around the lovely Luxembourg roads. It is a mini biking paradise here, with lots of roads winding up and down the valleys, good surfaces and good curves and very light traffic. After an hour or two Clive heads off back to his hotel for a sleep and Mick and I continue riding through the beautiful valleys of Central Luxembourg.
Back in Esch-sur-Sure

On the lovely Luxembourg roads

We stop for lunch at a small hotel, the Huberty in Kautenbach, and get chatting with the owner. Rudi is Dutch and has been running his hotel here for a long time. We get talking about beer. He is an enthusiast and he shows us a new dark beer from the Munich Paulaner brewery that he has just begun to stock. It's called Salvator and weighs in at a hefty 7.9% ABV. We say we would like to try it, but we don't mix biking and beer. He insists that we take two bottles to sample later, as a gift.

A gift of beer

Back to our digs at High Chapparal

We have seen so much kindness from strangers on this tour. 


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