Day 10 - Heading to Hitler's lair

Sunday 6th July 2014

We're packed and on the road at 07:30. We've been in one place for three nights now which is pretty unusual for our trips. It's 500km to our next site in Berchtesgaden so no time to lose.
It takes a minimum of one hour to pack up our camping gear regardless of how fast we try to do it. Longer if it is raining.

The first 100km are fantastic, swooping through the Rhön province on empty roads as the sun burns away the last of the mist. We stop for a break in a pretty village by a church, bells pealing away to call the faithful to matins.

Then onto the autobahn at Bamberg. Serious speed now. We fly past Nürnberg and head torwards München. Now the traffic is building. Lots of Dutch camper vans heading for the Alps.
Unpacking at Berchtesgaden camp site

There are roadworks on the Munich ring road and the traffic comes to a halt. Filtering is verboten in Germany so the cars don't move over to let us through. Some on occasion will deliberately move to block the through route for a bike. It's an insane rule and how different from France where most drivers make it their mission to clear a filtering route for bikes. We filter through anyway. Maybe we can convert the Volk one traffic jam at a time.

Tiring of this we take the first exit east of Munich and ride down to join the Deutsche Alpenstrasse. Now it's a glorious ride through the foothills of the Alps. We dip into Austria for cheaper fuel. By mid afternoon we arrive at Camping Allweglehen on the outskirts of Berchtesgaden. I've stayed here before. It's a good site despite the vlan (German wifi) issues (see earlier rant).

Tents up, time for a beer.

Towering over the valley site to the south is Kelstein mountain atop of which stands Kelsteinhaus, known in English as The Eagles Nest. We visit there tomorrow. 


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